Mrs. Garcia’s Meats for Your Masaganang Noche Buena Available Online

Manila Standard / 12:56 PM November 11, 2020

It can be said that the Filipinos’ Christmas table is a testament to our generous spirit and gracious hospitality. After all, this is where we showcase our cuisine, no matter how simple or extravagant the food may be. And right in the middle of all the festive preparations is our mother, who knows what delicious dishes to lovingly prepare in order to delight the whole family. Weeks even before everyone gathers for Noche Buena or Christmas lunch, she had already bought all the ingredients from the market or grocery, and had toiled in the kitchen for days and nights to perfect her culinary specialties. And no matter how tired she may be, her heart is warmly rewarded when her family shows appreciation for all her efforts.

But now, in this pandemic season, when our movements are restricted and the threat of COVID-19 remains, it can be difficult and quite challenging for mothers to go about their Christmas marketing and preparations. If you are one of those anxious mothers, you can heave a sigh of relief because there is a mother who understands exactly how you feel.

Embodying a mother’s heart is Mrs. Garcia’s, the popular meat shop renowned for her quality meat and meat products. Beyond being a successful brand, however, Mrs. Garcia’s is attuned to your needs and is concerned about your safety and wellbeing. That is why she has found ways to make it easier for you to avail of her meat products.

Because Mrs. Garcia’s meats are available in leading supermarkets nationwide, you need not go far to buy them. And in some areas, the meats can also be delivered right to their doorstep.

But particularly for the Christmas season, you can avoid the holiday rush, the long lines at check-out lanes, or products running out of stock in the supermarkets by simply ordering online in the comfort and safety of your home. This option is contactless and shields you from the COVID-19 virus that is still out there. Also, you won’t need to lift heavy kilos of meat products that you had purchased as your online orders will be delivered to you free within Metro Manila. Just visit Mrs. Garcia’s online store at

So, now, you can happily cook the family’s favorite Christmas meat dishes using Mrs. Garcia’s premium at cuts for a Masaganang Noche Buena, such as: Crown Roast, Roast Pork Loin, Rib Roast and Lechon Belly.

And for other occasions, Mrs. Garcia’s meat products include ground pork, menudo cut, adobo cut, pork liempo, pork chop sliced, pork ribs, sinigang cut, pork cubes, pork mask, beef brisket, beef shank sliced, beef sirloin, beef caldereta cut, breakfast steak, ground beef, Korean steak bulgogi, Japanese pork tonkatsu – just about every cut of meat for every dish you want to cook.

Mrs. Garcia’s by Meatworld International, Inc. has been bringing quality farm-fresh meats closer to families since 1996. With a wide variety of meat categories and cuts, Mrs. Garcia’s makes sure that the right meat you need will be available for your family’s favorite recipe. Mrs. Garcia’s is available in over 440 major supermarkets (and still growing) or order online at Mrs. Garcia’s is also giving you an opportunity to earn by inviting you to partner with the company as resellers.

For more information about Mrs. Garcia’s meat and meat products, latest news, promos, and how to become a reseller, check out  and on Facebook:

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