About Us

Who We Are

Mrs. Garcia's story begins with the well-known Mother's Choice brand, favored by many mothers for its safety, affordability, and top-notch quality.

Over the years, families have trusted Mother's Choice to provide the best for their loved ones. It's this trusted reputation that inspires Mrs. Garcia. As she carries on the tradition, she aims to uphold the values that have made Mother's Choice a household name, providing families with reliable products they can count on.

It was Established in 1996 by Meatworld International, Inc. is a formidable player in the country’s meat industry. The brand actively seeks out new ways to serve families, exploring innovative materials and designs to create even more reliable and user-friendly products. This dedication to progress ensures Mother's Choice stays relevant in today's ever-changing marketplace, allowing it to continue being a trusted partner for Filipino families on their parenting journey.